Our Vision

To bridge the gap between education and employability among the rural population by providing digital access and building digital capacity

Our Mission

To transform public schools in India into digital learning spaces by providing digital infrastructure and building digital capacity of teachers and schools.

Our Goal

To impact one million students by 2025 #1millionby2025

Core values


We are all humans and we understand that everyone we work with face challenges and uncertainties. Our empathetic attitude is what allows us to be more understanding while dealing with the team members and also all our stakeholders.


We consider all our team members equal. We all aim to be just and fair with our actions. Everyone has an equal right to question and each one is accountable to themselves and each other in the organization.


We take ownership and responsibility of our decisions and hold each other accountable to the highest standard of performance. Our team consistently acts in an honest and ethical manner.


We invest in ourselves and one other not just to grow as an organization but also as individuals. We continuously collaborate within the organization and are always open for collaborations outside.


Basant Sharma
Communication Associate
Abdul Karim
Program Associate
Nikita Ulhas Sonawane
Program Associate
Sudhir Ghotekar
Program Associate
Arjita Mishra
Program Associate
Padma Jarwal
Program Associate
Alankrita Soni
Program Associate
Obaidullah Azmi
Program Associate
Nikita Choudhary
Program Associate
Ankit Sengar
Program Associate
Zafar Alam
Program Associate
Faarika Mehta
Program Associate
Deboshree Das
Program Associate
Ravina Basur
Assitant Program Manager
Ankita Sharma
Human Resources Associate
Ayushi Misra
Program Associate
Sagar Agrawal
Finance Associate
Vinod Lachoriya
Program Associate
Vinod Kumar
Program Senior Associate
Abhishek Dubey
Founder & CEO
Rishabh Arya
Head of People Management
Manoj Pachauri
Lead Strategic Partnership
Nishtha Singh
Program Lead
Deepali Ruhela
Manager Partners Relation
Chhavi Rahul
Manager M&E
Anurag Moon
Finance Manager
Nupur Kumari
Project Manager
Sushmita Dasgupta
Project Manager
Ankur Tripathi
Project Manager
Yash Kumar
Project Manager
Poonam Chakraborty
Manager branding & Communications
Utsav Maheshwari
Assistant Program Manager
Abhishek Dubey
Founder & CEO
Mr. Prem Yadav
Co-founder Pratham Infotech Foundation
Dr Daulat Singh Chauhan
MD, ITM University
Dr SB Gita Narahari
Psychologist, Professor, Author , Social Worker
Mr Vinay Singhal
Founder & C.E.O. Wittyfeed
Dr Nilesh Khare
Dean, Business School, JLU& Mentor, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
Mrs. Mamtha Sharma
Former Head of CSR IBM India and South Asia
Mr. Ujwal Thakar
Ex CEO, Pratham & Give India
Mrs. Deepika Chawla
Vice President Fortune 100 Company
Mr. Ritesh Malik
Founder Innov8 Coworking
Mrs. Shalu Manan
HR and Talent Development strategist
Mr. Tarun Goyal
Director, GOHO Housing
Mr. Shakti Singh Chauhan
Former Captain &Managing Director Captain’s Cafe

Our Partners

Hidustan Zinc Ltd.
Pratham Infotech
ITM University
Yash technologies
United Way
Ey Foundation
Give India
Ficci Flo


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Our founder Mr Abhishek Dubey listed by Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 in 2019.

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Appreciated by Hon'ble vice president of India in 2018.

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Listed under 100 social startups by India Network.

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Incubated by The Nudge, Centre for social innovation

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Appreciated by Income Tax dept, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

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Our founder Abhishek dubey during the graduation ceremony of Dasra social impact leadership program.

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India CSR summit 2019

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Appreciated by Hon'ble President of India.

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Young entrepreneurs Award by ITM University.

Testimonials from Team

My participation for a significant duration at Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation enabled me to uncover challenges. The entire experience made me feel I WANT TO DO MORE. We are determined to solve the profound challenges of pedagogy in government schools by empowering digital training to encourage virtual learning among students
Shambhavi Budholiya Program Support Volunteer
Everybody wants to be a part of something great. I wanted to a part of Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation foundation because of the Work this organisation is doing. I had learnt a lot since I have joined. The Environment there is very welcoming and filled with knowledge and Intelligence. I am very grateful that I am doing something good for this society.
Tarun Sharma Program Support Volunteer
A highly aspiring and rapidly growing organisation Muskaan, taught me a lot in my 40 days internship. Work as a team, communication, problem solving and coordination to get the best results. It was a very good experience and will look forward to giving my contributions to Muskaan again in the future.
Dhruvi Gangil Law Intern
As a volunteer in Muskaan dreams, it helps to build my interpersonal skills and accelerates my personal growth..by helping school children, I am contributing towards the upliftment of the community and the nation as a whole and there is a networking opportunity where I get the chance to meet new people and there is a constant exchange of ideas and information.
Anurudh Pratap Singh Chauhan Program Support Volunteer
Being a fellow in Muskaan dreams gives a different level of happiness and satisfaction. 2 years and more than 2000 memories and learning, the hardworking and passionate leaders who gave me the proper directions and guided me to become the person who I am today.
Shubhi Shivaraman HR Fellow
Every day as a volunteer at muskaan is a joyous experience which brings out the best in you and you discover the potential in your own self. Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation bridges the gap between Government schools and quality education, which directly benefits the students and provide them with the right exposure that will help them to be prepared in each and every quotient in life, and me being a part of it makes me proud and provide me with the zeal to work more towards the cause.
Harsh Jha Fundraising Volunteer
Education is truly the most powerful weapon in this day and age. Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation's outlook to facilitate Digital Learning in classrooms makes achieving it a possibility for many underprivileged students. My internship gave me a chance to gain first-hand experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of a non-profit organisation. I am convinced that the internship is a great opportunity for those who want to learn more about and NGO's work and contribute to their cause. It was a very enriching experience on both a professional and personal level.
Vartika Gaur Intern
Volunteering at Muskaan was a fantastic experience. The idea of being a part of such a noble cause is euphoric in itself. Along with the internal peace, volunteering at Muskaan also inculcated in me the qualities of leadership, communication and management. Overall it was a fantastic experience.
Ajitesh Arya Volunteer
Muskaan Provides the opportunity to take one step forward n allows u to do something for the betterment of needy children. Working in Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation is a great platform for those who wish to do something for the betterment of our society.
Ajay Deep Singh Kaurav PR Volunteer