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Muskaan Dreams is an award-winning social impact non-profit organization recognized by Forbes Asia in 2019 transforming government schools into enjoyable digital learning spaces in order to support teachers by building their capacity and efficiency to improve learning outcomes, engagement, and the digital gap with children and teachers. Initiated in 2014 currently, we are closely working with 80 government schools, 12000 children and 300 teachers across central India.

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    The objective of our partnership is to bridge the digital gap in learning by providing digital access, building digital capacity of teachers, and bringing computer science and coding education to students.

    Muskaan Dreams plans to bridge the digital gap in learning by providing digital access to students through initiatives like digital shaala, building the digital capacity of teachers in public schools, and bringing computer science and coding education to students to build future readiness.

    Corporate partners and state government can collaborate with Muskaan Dreams by providing financial and technological support to implement digital education programs, identifying and supporting schools that need digital access, and working together to develop innovative digital education solutions.

    Muskaan Dreams ensures that digital education programs are effective by partnering with experts in the field of education, conducting research and evaluations to assess the impact of these programs, and continuously refining and improving them based on feedback.

    The impact of Muskaan Dreams' digital education programs on students includes improved access to digital resources, increased digital literacy skills, and enhanced learning outcomes.

    You can support Muskaan Dreams' efforts to bridge the digital gap in learning by donating to our cause, volunteering your time and expertise, or spreading awareness about our initiatives to your network.